Monday, November 28, 2005
World Music Blog Alert

Hello world music friends

I've set up a new weblog site for my show, Caravan.

I hope you'll click over and take a look.

I'll be happy to post a link to your show page in exchange for a link
to mine. Send me your links!

And please forward this message to anyone who may be interested. ...

It will be easier to use the Blog as a springboard for discussion:

Anyone can leave comments on any of the posts.

And -- as those of us with show web pages link to each other, we can
provide a service to listeners who want to see what's going on with
world music shows anywhere on the globe.

It will be easier to tell my radio listeners how to find the playlist,
as the URL for the Blog is much shorter.

It will be easier to upload photos.

The templates provided at blogger.com look much more professional than
anything I could design.

The static page I've been using lives on the server at my workplace,
and I thought it better to post my show information elsewhere. Better safe
than sorry.

So send me the links to your show pages, and I'll create a blog roll.


Paul Alan
Madison, Wisconsin
Host of Caravan: music from north africa, the middle east, and india
WSUM 91.7

(via globe music list)
In San Francisco, tonight --

The Elbo Room presents:

A film by Charlie Brown

Screening at the The Elbo Room
647 Valencia, San Francisco
November 28, 2005
8 pm
$7 admission

Over three years in the making, "Never A Dull Moment"
tells the story of New Orleans' most celebrated brass
band. From their formation at Clark High School in
1984 to their triumphant 20th Anniversary party at
Tipitina's nightclub, the story unfolds through
interviews, live performances and tours of the streets
where they first solidified their reputation.

Exploring the Treme neighborhood, the Sunday second
lines and even the Mardi Gras Indians, "Never a Dull
Moment" gets to the heart of brass band culture in New
Orleans and the Rebirth's impact upon it. Brothers
Philip and Keith Frazier (tuba and bass drum
respectively) have kept the band going since its
founding, cycling through 25 members, including
co-founder and trumpet genius Kermit Ruffins (recently
seen in "Make It Funky"?).

As the movie was shot before Hurricane Katrina
devastated New Orleans and the Treme in particular,
this film stands as a record of the New Orleans that
was. Luckily, the Rebirth is well-named as they plan
to be on the forefront of the New Orleans to be.

Filmmaker Charlie Brown, a native New Orleanian, got
to know the Rebirth first as a DJ on Tulane's radio
station. In 1989, he was one of the first to play "Do
Whatcha Wanna," the groundbreaking local hit which
established the band's reputation. Recently, he has
worked as a producer for NOLA.com, as head of video
production for Tipitina's and as president of
Mojotooth Productions, his own production company. He
has produced over 8 hours of documentary and
journalistic video. This is his first feature.

(via Bob Sarles of Ravin' Films)
The new improved Musicpressreport:

Article: "The Art of the Query Letter"
Often the question is asked by visitors of this site and our mailing
lists is, "What's the best way to make first contact with a music
magazine?" The answer is the most traditional way: the query letter.

Article: "So You Want To Be a Music Journalist?"
Writer Andy Kaufmann compiled this essay, "in the hope that it will
save future writers the trouble of discovering these basic concepts for
themselves and set new writers on a proper path."
Wednesday, November 23, 2005
Dearest Family and Friends,

On behalf of the Community Self Determination Institute (CSDI), Watts Records/Diverse Entertainment LLC and 154 Entertainment, we would like to extend to you an invitation to participate in the biggest development in years at easing urban gang warfare/violence in this country and abroad. The much-anticipated "Peace Warriors" collaboration album is now available and we have launched the Peace Warriors Outreach Initiative as a way for social profit organizations to help distribute the product.

Recognizing the need for peace in urban war zones throughout this country and abroad, we intend to utilize the power of music to capture the imagination of the people and ignite a change in self and community perception. Music has always been a carrier of great movements around the world. The music radiating from the Peace Warriors collaboration album will be the theme music for the next major peace movement in this country -- The Reverence Movement for Human Life.

Publicity and resources from the Peace Warriors collaboration album will fuse the creative application of peace with the practical applications of peace as this album is connected to an authentic movement for social change that rose up out of the ashes of Watts like a Phoenix in the signing of the historic 1992 Peace Treaty between the Crips and Bloods. The Community Self Determination Institute, a vision based social-profit organization located in Watts, will be the primary distributor of funds from the Peace Warriors album to grassroots organizations that seek to heal their neighborhoods from years of internal conflict.

It is my hope that you will join us along with fellow artists and entertainers in making the Peace Warriors album a success by going to our website and purchasing the album as part of our Peace Warriors Outreach Initiative. We appreciate your support in helping to redefine what we know as peace and spreading our message worldwide.

Please go to our website (Watts Records) for more information about the outreach initiative and purchasing options.

With Gratitude,
Aqeela Sherrills
CEO, Watts Records LLC

(via rockandrap confidential)
Sunday, November 20, 2005
Sunday morning Audio Visual Dept

Make 'Em Sing: The Man Who Invented Album Covers

(via Bob Sarles, Ravin Films)
Sunday, November 13, 2005
From pop culture to poetry (The World According to Josh)

UC Davis professor shares experience as former rock journalist, renowned poet

"English professor Josh Clover is an interesting mix of the new and the old. Sitting in his office among his collection of poetry books and Ikea furniture while spitting out popular culture references with passersby, he’s a hip writer in the body of a poetry professor.

Before he started his career at UC Davis three years ago, Clover’s résumé consisted of writing for trendy magazines and receiving notable literary awards. Writing book, film and music reviews for such publications as Spin and Gentleman’s Quarterly, a lot of his adult life was spent maintaining an interest in pop culture.

'My interest really has been in the ways that people dismiss popular culture,' Clover said. 'It’s more of a political decision than a choice of taste … a class bias against things that can be real expressions of human existence.'

He eventually left the glamorous life of a rock journalist when he started to hate what it stood for.

'I used to write record reviews for Spin, but I realized it was just a form of convincing kids to buy records,' he said. 'I became disgusted with myself and left big-time music journalism. Now I review poetry books, which doesn’t matter because people don’t buy them anyway.' "
Today's reminder: You, too, can be a critic (start an artsblog)

"Speaking as a critic who happily works both sides of the old- and new-media street, I see no reason why newspapers and the Web can't co-exist, not merely peacefully but profitably. Arts journalism, after all, isn't a zero-sum game. Everybody wins when smart writing about the fine arts finds its way into print -- even if the "print" is nothing more than electronic characters on a screen."
Tuesday, November 08, 2005
"The Music in Me" promises to be at least a weeklong immersion at PopMatters. Editor Justin Coberlake introduces the feature in this way:

"In this series of essays, our PopMatters music writers explore the ties between identity and music. These fans cover several countries and continents, use music to conform and rebel, find peace in trangression and a home in honesty. The ways music plays on our self-conceptions vary considerably, and sometimes unpredicatably. One theme recurs throughout this articles: in developing and portraying an identity through music, we also set the groundwork for relationships with others. In some instances, shared musical interest enables friendships; in others, a difference in aesthetics can lead to conflict. As each of these stories play out, we recognize that we can't define ourselves without a consideration of our relationships and cultural contexts."
Friday, November 04, 2005
Really nice article on the recent Chet Helms Memorial by Victoria Joyce (in the Sugarbuzz).

(via Bob Sarles at Ravin' Films)

Bye for now, Chet.
Compiling the best online articles about music so there will be more of both in the future. In periods of drought, the reader will be innundated by my own blogs on the matters.

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